Spring 2015! 

A new year, a new season, a new start!


As I depart for Zurich, Switzerland, I am changing the focus of this website.  It is now more than just a sabbatical tale of searching for macro-invertebrates at the toes of receding glaciers.


It is a search for self, with new and positive possibilities of expanding my soul, vision and outlook on life. Hydroquest is a search for living waters promised by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The search will proceed in Wyoming, Switzerland, and other places on both sides of the Atlantic. 


More than a mid-life crisis (that was last year) and less than a final goodbye, it is a transformation of a rural Wyoming gal into the woman God means for her to be.


Through scientific observations of nature, writing poetry, reading Bible verses, hearing words from friends and loved ones, I will gather all these gifts on my spiritual adventure.  I even anticipate a Judas or two who will try to throw me off track and place obstacles in my pathway.


OK God, I am breaking camp, rolling up my bed roll, dousing my campfire, washing up the breakfast dishes, packing supplies in the paniers and saddling up.  Which way do we go?