Spring Tracks

Winter snows are melting, helped along by warming breezes and light rainfall – must be Mud Season in Wyoming! If only I could teach the dogs to wipe their feet when entering the house, the four-pad paw marks would disappear from my wood floors. Aauugghh!

It reminds me of the Israelites in their escape from Pharaoh. God sent a wind which not only blew back the waters of the Red Sea, it DRIED out the sea bed. The writer of Exodus relates that the Israelites walked on DRY ground. Their sandals did not get wet, the hems of their skirts and robes did not get wet. A million people are walking on the bottom of a water body, surrounded by walls of water, yet stay dry. Wow!

Wyoming is famous for wind speeds which topple tractor-trailer rigs on the Interstates. Those winds are nothing compared to the mega-wind God sent to help his people escape abuse and captivity.

God wants you and me to be free of abuse, to escape the bondage of lies, thought patterns, substances, circumstances, relationships, whatever is not of Him. He wants us out of the mire, to wipe the muck from our hearts, clean the filth clogging our souls, and walk with Him on good ground. Thank you God for deliverance!

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